Friday, December 30, 2011


I decided to make once a week a post about a local artist. It could be an illustrator, painter, sculptor or designer just to make peoples know that we have what to be proud about and make the good artists pop out and who knows maybe we will have the privilege to see some interesting and/or unusual collaborations.
So if you know an Romanian artist that should be known just let me know.
But I will start with a foreign artist that catched my attention
Beata Szczecinska is a freelance artist based in Poland
She's working as an ILLUSTRATOR/DESIGNER in London since 2005 when she graduated Academy of Fine Arts from Krakow.
Beata Szczecinska works under her artist pseudonym CITYABYSS
She had done commissioned work for famous magazines as ELLE UK and MUSE MAGAZINE.
Her style reminds me about old-school fashion illustrations combined with modern elements, backgrounds and techniques.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Iris Van Harpen A/W 2011

Iris Van Harpen just amazed me when I saw her Haute couture collection
She created sculptural and graphical dresses made of materials like plastic metal leather and even raffia.
The collection is based on mini dresses but also created full body suits ankle length.
I like how she uses the contrast between the shapes and rhythms.
The dress snake like remembered me of Greek stories about Medusa and her head full of snakes.
Also amazed me the bustier representing and exoskeleton with it's shapes and rhythms created on the model and reshaping her body.
Image source: Vogue

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Absolut Art Awards

I know what you think "this have nothing to do with fashion"
Well fashion especially this days is an environment where artists are showing their talent layering and sewing garments.
Absolut Vodka like fashion has created an environment for artists.For this they had created "Absolut Art Awards" back in 2009.
The art is made in the shape of Absolut vodka's bottle.This bottle is based on a model used in pharmacies in 18 century.Even that time had passed the bottles are made in the same factory as the original one.
Since the beginning it supported creativity collaborating with internationally known artists as Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Spike Jonze.This year was featured the first Romanian artist which works with Absolut Vodka.
On October 13(that's not with bad luck)they unveiled a giant Absolut vodka bottle,this will be the canvas for 17 artists.

1st POST comes my first post which will be about me and why I'm starting this blog.
My friends call me "Paperboy",I'm a 16 years old guy from Romania.What else should I tell you about me ... I'm passionate about fashion photography so you will see a lot of photo shoots and maybe a "TRAFFIC OF FASHION EDITORIAL".
'm also interested in fine arts, that's what I'm studying at the moment.
...So i think I can offer a view from another perspective about fashion shows, photo shoot and fashion industry in my country.You also should know that I'm not an
insider in fashion industry but i will do my best to give you fresh reviews photo shoots and interviews.
Hope this sound interesting, if not I belive I can catch your attention with future posts.