Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Interview: Kale J. Friesen

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>>Bogdan:Hi Kale I’m happy to interview you thanks for accepting.For start where are you from?
>>Kale:I was born in Weyburn, Saskatchewan in Canada.
>>Bogdan:Where did your interest in photography began ?
>>Kale:I’ve been painting and drawing since I was 5 and have always had a fascination with art, I actually “discovered” photography quite late in my life. In 2007 I was living in Paris and a good friend came to visit me and during his visit we decided to check out the Fondation Cartier-Bresson . After leaving the gallery my perspective on photography had changed forever and I instantly fell head over heels in love with taking pictures.
>>Bogdan:I saw you photos for Vogue IT Website, what does fashion mean to you?
>>Kale:Since I was a child I always loved clothes, not high fashion but I always felt that clothes were a way for me to be someone I wasn’t and I genuinely enjoy dressing well. It really wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I discovered my passion in shooting fashion. Vogue Italia for me is what fashion photography is all about. It’s a magazine that I feel has always pushed the boundaries of fashion as art, and constantly takes chances with it’s editorials. After seeing another photographers images on the Vogue Italia site I decided to submit some work and was ecstatic to see that they accepted my images.

>>Bogdan:Do you have any artist that inspires your work?
>>Kale:I find that I draw inspiration for my photography from a massive pool of art forms, such as street photography, painting and cinema. For me there are a definite group of photographers that I’m inspired by. I constantly go to the work of Guy Bourdin, Richard Avedon, Solve Sundsbo, Tim Walker, Simon Norfolk, Cecile Beaton, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa when I’m looking to be inspired. A huge influence on my most recent work comes from my wife Ala, I began shooting hair and fashion for her a year ago, and she has constantly challenged me with her vision and work as a hairdresser.
>>Bogdan:Do you find music inspirational in creative process?
>>Kale:What do you listen to? I have been playing drums for about 15 years and grew up listening to or playing music every day. When I’m shooting in the studio music is a must, there is nothing better than having your favorite album come on while you are shooting, it can also help bring a mood or energy to the shoot. The same goes for when I’m editing images, I always have music on in the background, I think music guides my focus and keeps me inspired. At the current time I’m listening to a lot of music by Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey, Simon and Garfunkel, Zechs Marquise, Feist, YES, Zakir Hussain to name a few.
>>Bogdan:Where else do you find inspiration?
>>Kale:I believe that environment has a huge impact on every facet of life, so I try to surround myself with work from artists that inspire me, in my office I have paintings and photographs from friends and try to keep copies of Vogue Italia around to look at while I’m working.
>>Bogdan:How do you describe your style?
>>Kale:In terms of my portraiture work I find myself always searching to depict my own impression and inner vision of the person I’m shooting, which inevitably the images ends up pretty raw and in an odd way, unflattering. In my hair and fashion work I feel like I’m still in the process of exploring my style and finding my voice. One aesthetic I find reoccurring in my work is a painterly quality that borders on the real and imagined.
>>Bogdan:What’s the picture/collaboration you are most proud of ?
>>Kale:I think my abandoned spaces series I did between 2007 and 2009 in France and Belgium is some of my most import working, I was traveling with two very good photographer friends to all these surreal abandoned hospitals, churches and castles and spending entire days in these places, exploring and shooting. I think it’s during this period I became intimate with the camera. Currently the work I collaborate on with my wife has really pushed my skills and creative vision as a photographer.
>>Bogdan:Which editorial or advertising fashion photo shoot do you find most interesting from last year?
>>Kale:In the advertising world I think Dior consistently puts out incredibly high quality images and just plain beautiful photography. In fashion editorial, the work of Tim Walker in the March issue of Vogue Italia was eerie and stunning. . I also discovered the work of French photographer Remi Rebillard recently and have gone back and check out his whole catalogue of work.
>>Bogdan:What plans do you have for future?
>>Kale:My major focus for 2012 is hair photography and fashion work. I really want to develop my style over this year and work with enthusiastic stylists and designers, build my portfolio and hopefully shoot some award winning collections.
>>Bogdan:What other interests do you have?
>>Kale:Outside of photography I love to read, mostly about history, politics and philosophy. Since a very young age I’ve always felt that the most important thing in life is experience, to try new things, travel and always keep an open mind but I would have to say I think about photography pretty much 24/7 and I couldn’t be happier.

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