Thursday, January 5, 2012

SVSV aka Serum Versus Venom

>>This days I was looking for an interesting subject, after all that choosing and filtration I decided to write an article about not so young brand but still futuristic.
>>Serum versus Venom also known as SVSV is a Brooklyn, New York based brand owned by David Gensler.The style of clothing they are producing till now has a traditional style with a modern touch.The brand is reinventing the old-school sweater pattern into a more minimalist like pattern.
>>They see themselves as an "ANTI MASS AGENDA" brand and they refuse to call a product exclusive if it has been created for mass selling.
>>What I liked is that they make the clothes in their own factory, this makes me think about them as an old school fashion house but with modern product with a futuristic approached in the cut and design.
>>they had also created collection scissor for collectors and as a start for accessories collection they created bullet chains.
>>Their collections are focused on jackets, shirts and hoodies and as you maybe noticed SVSV is a street wear and collector items brand.


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  1. like them too, all i can say is that Old School rules and some futurist touch doesn't "hurt" though. nice job